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Antione "AWay" Way

Antione Way is an American businessman, actor, director, writer, producer, cinematographer, editor and author. He began his film career as a director and writer in 2018 after years of working in the government and corporate sectors. He decided to venture in the world of entertainment, a long-life dream of Antione's since his childhood days of acting. 

Summer of 2018, he had an idea for a short film, based around group of friends  and how one night changed their lives forever.  His first short turned out to be over 100+ pages of script which became a feature film called Shattered, later changed to My Shattered Life.  

My Shattered Life sold out at the local movie theater Cameo, downtown Fayetteville NC. Reviews were great overall, but Antione and his team knew that this was only just the beginning and with that will come growth.


A few months later he received news that Maverick Entertainment, the largest independent urban distributor in America wanted to distribute his movie world-wide on various platforms. My Shattered Life will be release sometime in 2022 for the world to see.

His initial reason of becoming a filmmaker was to create content that would impact those that watched in a positive way, and he believes his first project accomplished that goal. Now he has several projects on the way that he hopes to inspire millions.

"Just a kid from the lakes, with big dreams, and a plan to make my dreams become reality..."  -AWay

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